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Name Hybrid Reg


Flower Size Color Description
Abba Dabba Do Avent 1998 p-la M-L e var Green, bright yellow edge.
Abby Ruh 1990 lav S e var Blue-green, irregular yellow edge. Heart shapped leaves.
Abiqua Drinking Gourd Walden/ West 1989 whi M-L blue Blue-green, very cupped leaves.
Abiqua Moonbeam Walden/ West 1987 p-la M e var Blue-green center, irregular lime green margins.
Abiqua Recluse Walden/ West 1989 p-vio M gold Yellow-gold, sports easily.
Abraham Lincoln Beilstein/ Zilis NR . S blu>gre .
Alakazaam Livingston 2008 lav S e var H. 'Atom Smasher' genes, green with "ruffled" creamy-white border.
Alex Summers Santa Lucia 1989 pur M e var Medium green, wide chartreuse margin.
Alice Gladden Ward 1998 n wh M gold Yellow-gold, moderate growth rate.
Alice In Wonderland Malloy 2001 p-la M m var Golden yellow, medium green edge.
Allan P. McConnell Seaver 1980 pur Mini e var Low growing green. Very narrow white edge.
Allegan Fog Herrema/ Ruh 2000 lav M s var Geenish-white with darker markings.
Allen C Haskell Seaver NR lav M s var u Green, Streaked.
Alligator Shoes Benedict/ Hatfield NR lav M e var Blue-green leaves, white edge. Heavy texture & substance.
Alvatine Taylor Fairway Ent. 1990 whi L gra- gre Pointed blue leaves, gold margin.
Am I Blue Ward 1998 p-la L bl-gre Intense blue-green leaves, slightly shiny & corrugated.
Amber Tiara Walters 1998 dk pu M yel> gr- yel Heavy subsance, fast growing. Striped flower.
American Dream Wade 1999 p-la M-L e var Lt. greenish-gold white edged. Slow growing. Lightly corrugated.
American Gothic . . . . . .
American Hero Walters/ Hansen NR . . . .
American Sweetheart Hansen/ Shady NR lav M m var Creamy white, wide green margin. Slow growth rate.
Americana Walters Garden 2006 lav S m var m var.
Angel Eyes Bridgewood NR . L m var White centered form of 'Blue Angel', similar to or same as 'Guardian Angel'
Angel Feathers Vaughn NR pur M e var Medium green, 0.5" white margin. Semi upright, slightly rippled.
Ann Kulpa Kulpa 1999 n whi M m var Creamy white center, edged in light & medium green. 2.5" wide dark green margin. Slightly rippled, slightly shiny.
Antioch Tompkins/ Hofer/ Ruh 1979 dk la M e var Medium green, white margin. Heavy subsance.
Antoinette Kuk 2000 dk la M e var Dark green, golden yellow margin. Very shiny. Red stippled seed pods.
Aoki Bailey/ AHS 1987 lav M-L green Dark green.
Aomori Gold Star Muroya/ Zilis NR pur S m var .
Aquamarine Terra Nova NR pu S pu:gre 2009 First Look gift plant.
Arc De Triomphe Elslager 2000 lav M e var e var.
Aristocrat Walters 1997 p-la M e var Intensely blue-geen, creamy white margin.
Artic Blast Carlson NR lav M blue Blue
Artic Circle Tompkins/ Ruh 2002 lav M e var .
August Beauty Langfelder NR whi M e var Yellow margin on light green leaves. Similar to Abiqua Moonbeam.
August Moon Langfelder 1996 lav M-L yel- gold Lightly wavy round leaves of yellow, good substance. Moderate corugation.
Aurora Borealis Wayside 1986 whi L e var Blue-green, yellow margin.
Austin Dickinson Lachman 1992 p pu M e var Green, pure white 1" margin. Slightly shiny, light corrugation, striped flower.
Autumn Frost . . . . . .
Avocado Dieson 1998 whi M gr -yel e var Greenish-yellow, 2.0 wide flat dark green margin. Upright, very shiny. Moderately folded.
Azure Mediteranean Helsley 1999 p la S bl-gre Blue Green
Azure Snow Ruh 1991 lav M blue Blue-green leaves, white back. Upright, slightly rippled leaves. Outstanding.
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