We are continuing to develop several areas in the gardens, some of which we began the summer of 2005. There are some new daylily and hosta beds, but also a couple of more substantial projects. We have an area prepared for a future gazebo (hopefully to be built the summer of 2007), and a small water feature with a running brook. The summer of 2006 saw us continuing to expand in a variety of ways. The most dramatic, was a change to our landscape that involved putting in a small pond and some rather large stones that form an informal stone wall that runs parrallel to the road. We have worked hard planting a huge variety of plant materials, and our fingers are crossed that in the upcoming years it will be a display that all can enjoy, even if just driving by.

I have put together some photo albums of our projects, and hope you will enjoy viewing the processes. It will be a year or two until the new garden areas will fill in, so I will be adding photos here as it happens. The pond & wall album is pretty large, since it was such a huge undertaking. Thinking of those of you who are on dial-up internet connections, I did try to reduce the photos as much as I could and still have them large enough to see.

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Leila & Harold